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Kim Kardashian Tries CooLifting

Kim Kardashian Tries CooLifting, Yes Kim, it should work this time...

Kybella on the Today Show

There is a new treatment for neck fat - or getting rid of double chin. It's a series of small injections that destroy fat cells. Watch how easy the procedure is done and find out who makes a great candidate!

PRP Hari Loss Treatment - The Doctors!

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment for hair loss. PRP is for those who are embarassed about hair loss. Blood is drawn, platelet rich plasma is drawn out and then injected in the areas where hair is lost. You can see results 2 weeks.

The PRP Vampire Face Lift Demonstration by "The Doctors"!

A new wrinkle buster! Draw the patients own blood, spin it, seperate it, and inject the vibram and platelets back into the face to make a natural, self-filler. This incites the growth of collagen which gets rid of face wrinkles. No surgery and amazing results. Watch the video to see how easy it is.


Want to Know how to treat age spots, sun spots, and skin tags painlessly? A gentle and effective way to say goodbye to spots and tags that's quick effective and painless. Find out if CryoClear is a good solution for your skin type.


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