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About Radiant Remedies Medical Spa - Plymouth, MA

At Radiant Remedies, we understand that age comes with more lines, wrinkles, and spots. We are a med spa that offers services and age defying products to help you look younger, fresher, and rejuvenated. Our mission is to maintain your beauty by subtly revamping your overall appearance through personal care and customized results. Our variety of services can help with the obvious signs of aging. The results are noticeable, but you will still look like your true beautiful self.

About Holli Cambell, RN

Meet Holli Campbell, RN.  Holli is the proprietor of Radiant Remedies and our skilled injector.  She is a mother of two, loves horses and the serenity that the ocean can bring.  This has a lot to do with why she chose Village Landing, overlooking Plymouth Harbor, for the location of her practice.  During her 25-year career in the medical field Holli has focused on social work, case management, and nursing along with having owned a Home Care Agency, Adult Day Center and HHA training school that she had built from the ground up. 
Holli opened Radiant Remedies in 2015 under the medical direction of Dr Joseph Russo, Board Certified, Harvard trained Plastic Surgeon.  She realized she had found her passion in Medical Aesthetics when caring for post-op plastic surgery patients.  She was drawn to the boost of confidence it brought these patients and wanted to help others to experience the revitalizing feeling that even subtle changes can bring.  This brought Holli to the realization that medical aesthetics aren’t just for Hollywood anymore.  The safe and effective treatments available to maintain your natural beauty and subtly revamp your appearance are now accessible in ways they have never been before. 
Holli has continued attending training's and seminars to find you the best advancements in the medical aesthetics field.  View the complete menu of treatments Holli offers in her spa online at or book your consult today to find out how Radiant Remedies can help you achieve the boost you're looking for. 


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